Is it June already? – 6/3/13

Hard to believe we are into June already and we have been on the road for almost 3 weeks!  We spent one night in Likely, CA and wished we could have stayed a few days in this little gem of a town.  The RV park was right on a golf course!  We had to get on the road to Reno where we had reservations for our Anniversary and to meet our friends Matt & Nicole.  We parked the MoHo in the parking lot of the Peppermill and stayed at the hotel.  The weather was hot, so it was nice to be in the hotel and use the pool.  We donated nicely to the Reno economy, but had a great time.  When we got on the road this morning, we both actually commented that we were happy to be back in our home on wheels.  Looking forward to a good night sleep tonight.  Drove about 5 hours today to Elko, NV across the heart of Northern Nevada.  We are staying at the Iron Horse RV Resort and plan to golf, maybe do a gold mine tour (so touristy, I know) and relax for a few days and get ready for the National Parks of Utah!!!

p.s. Miller is attempting his first batch of wings in the MoHo. For those of you who don’t know, this is a staple of his diet and something he was concerned about.  We only have a convection oven/microwave, so it will be interesting to see how they turn out.  Stay tuned…

Cocktail hour in Likely, CA

Cocktail hour in Likely, CA

Matt, Nicole, Mike & Traci -- so happy in Reno!

Matt, Nicole, Mike & Traci — Reno good times!

4 thoughts on “Is it June already? – 6/3/13

  1. Bob Woolsey

    You guys will love the convection oven. Can’t go wrong with wings! Just sitting in the back patio watching the hummingbirds feed. Gorgeous temperature at 7 am. I hope you get to travel on that little highway from Moab in Utah. It was fantastic.

  2. Jenno

    I’ve got to know how the wings came out!!! You haven’t sold the MoHo and come home yet, and I’m pretty sure you would have if the wings hadn’t worked out since they are such a staple in Miller’s diet, so that must be a good sign 🙂

  3. Mike

    Hi, Jenno! Wings turned out just ok, going to have to work on process; amount of temp., time, and format for cooking. Otherwise, your right, sell and head home ASAP! Not!


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