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Trip Summary

Greetings family, friends, and followers! We have had a few requests from you all to summarize our two-year adventure, so here it is, as best we can remember:

Days on the road: 745 Days, May 16th, 2013 to June 1st, 2015. (We are still using the MoHo, at least through the 24th of June, so the total nights will be more than stated above when it is all completed.)
Miles driven in the MoHo: 2,700 miles from Texas to Seattle – bringin’ her home in March 2013.
MoHo miles from time we left Seattle to returning: 29,405 miles. (Miles driven by Traci: 0)
Miles driven in the car: 26,920 additional miles above the MoHo miles, side trips when we arrived at our destinations. (The car was also towed behind the MoHo for all but about 200 of the 29,405 miles.)
Generator Hours used: 63
Avg. MPG in the MoHo: 8.29
States visited: All of the lower 48, as well as British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario
Number of campgrounds: 164 different places, several we returned to a second time.
Favorites state(s): Utah – National parks; Florida – Keys disease
Least favorite states: Not going there!
Great Lakes we dipped our feet in: All 5
Most expensive campground: $126
Least expensive campground: $15 (We had several free nights at friends homes.)
Avg. nightly campground cost: $43.66
Longest stay in one state: 148 consecutive days in Florida
Longest stay in one campground: 48 days, Key Largo, FL at Calusa Campground
Places we could live: Rapid City, SD (Mike): Marathon, FL: Denver, CO (Traci)
Number of birds hit: 4
Number of bugs hit: Millions!
Deer or other larger mammals hit: 0
Rock chip on MoHo: 1
National Parks or Monuments visited: 34
Favorite Hike: Narrows slot canyon, Zion National Park, Utah
Breweries/wineries visited: Dozens!
Number of pictures taken: Well over 15,000!
Selfies taken by Mike: Too many to count!
Stormiest weather: Kansas City, MO – Thunderstorms shook the MoHo! In St. Louis, MO we were in a Tornado Warning, but no issues thank goodness. Shreveport, LA – we sat in the front seats and watched the lightning!
Baseball Parks attended: St Louis – Busch Stadium (Mike’s favorite); Cleveland – Progressive Field; Boston – Fenway Park; Denver – Coors Field; Baltimore – Camden Yards.
College Football games attended: WSU vs. Cal and UW vs. Stanford (both of those on the same day!), UW vs. ASU, Iowa vs. Northern Iowa, Nebraska vs. Illinois and Mississippi St. vs. Arkansas.
Major Sporting Events: Kentucky Derby and Masters Golf Tournament

Looking back, we realized this is a very impressive list, seems even more so after researching all of our travels. We are now spending 10 days in Puyallup at the fairgrounds, using this as our home base for our volunteering at the US Open at Chambers Bay. We are looking for a place to live in the Bellevue/Eastside area, jobs, and selling our beloved MoHo. What an amazing adventure for sure!