More Pics from Crater Lake – 5/29/13

FINALLY got a better internet connection.

Click HERE if you want to see more pics from Crater Lake National Park and Crater Lake RV Resort.  They are pretty high resolution, so give them a second to load in.  Click on any image to then be able to scroll through them.

p.s. We are in Likely, CA right now.  A small town in the NE corner of the state about 180 miles north of Reno — our destination tomorrow for our Anniversary and to meet Matt & Nicole for the weekend.  Forecast = 90 degrees.  Love to all!

5 thoughts on “More Pics from Crater Lake – 5/29/13

  1. Jenno

    Do you guys wake up every day thinking “Is this real or am I dreaming?” Because that’s what I think every time I read one of your updates!! I am soooo living vicariously through you two right now… xoxo

  2. Joe

    Love the pics and am loving this blog! Please keep it up, it is wonderful following you on your fabulous journey.

      1. Joe

        Ha! You will get over that fast – you aren’t missing much! We certainly miss you – but are LOVING your life right now and I know you are loving it as well. Our best to you and Mike.

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