A Heartfelt Thank You!

Mike & I were sitting outside around the firepit last night and got to talking about the past 9 months (I can’t below we have been on the road this long!).  We are amazed by how many people we have managed to visit and see along the way and are so thankful for the generosity everyone has showed us.  From awesome tour guides and local sightseeing tips to home-cooked meals and comfortable beds, these visits have really made our trip memorable so far.

 Bill, Lori, Taylor & Abby Johnson (Castle Rock, CO) – Lori was a sorority sister of mine at WSU.  They had us in for dinner and put us up for the night.   Loved seeing them and they made us feel right at home!

Ron, Stacy & Tyler Webert (Golden, CO) – I went to college with Ron.  They had us up to their mountain house in Vail and let us land our MoHo in their driveway.  They showed us a great time at Vail and Beaver Creek.

Rod, Jen, Jordan & Bella Arreola (Broomfield, CO) – Jen & I worked together at Holland America years ago.  They broke their HOA rules and let us park in front of their house for a few nights.  We had their basement to ourselves and what a treat it was.  They fed us many meals, we golfed and spent a fantastic 4th of July with them!

Max & Linda Clark (Boise, ID) – Max is a close friend of Mike’s mom.   They had us up to their amazing condo for dinner and gave us all kinds of great tips for exploring the area.  Mike’s cousin Melissa, who was also in Boise, joined us as well.

Mitch & Sunny Cameron (Yakima, WA) – Our very best friends who I went to high school with.  What can I say, they have an RV pad at their house with full hook-ups!  We stayed for over a week and loved this first-class resort known as Camp Cameron!

Marc & Shelly Pflugrath (Wenatchee, WA) – Our other very best friends; Shelly & I went to high school together.  We parked the MoHo at their neighbors and enjoyed top-notch hospitality at Casa de Pflu.

Al & Joan Webert (Penticton, BC) – Ron’s parents (see above).  They hooked us up with a spot in Summerland, BC when every campground was full due to a Canadian holiday that we didn’t know about…saved our bacon.

Evan, Renee, Jace & Penn, Kaplan  (Los Altos Hills, CA) – Renee & I have been friends for over 30 years!  We went to the Stanford/Husky football game with them.  So great to catch up, but too short of a visit!

Dana & Sharon Morrow (Santa Barbara, CA) – I worked with Dana on a few photo shoots for Westmark Hotels in Alaska.  They took us wine tasting, had us to their home for dinner and even hooked me up to get my hair done!  We loved getting to know them better and they really made our time in SB memorable!

Bruce & Vickie Cline (Sun City, AZ) – The Cline’s are great friends of ours from Seattle. They have a vacation house in AZ where we met up with them.  We went to a Husky game in Tempe and had a wonderful time just hanging out at their pool, cooking, fishing and drinking!  Also, they were so kind to let Mike stay at the house while I flew home for my uncle’s funeral.

Bob & Gloria Woolsey (Buckeye, AZ) – Mike worked for Bob & Gloria years ago.  They had us to their home for two amazing meals and they came to the MoHo one night for dinner.   Another friend, Brad Wallace, also joined us for the festivities. When we first started thinking about this adventure, these two were our biggest supporters!

Tom & Jane Guedel (Tucson, AZ) – This is the first time we had been to my dad’s.  We had a great time eating, drinking, golfing and hiking!  It was nice to be able to just relax and spend time catching up and to meet Jane’s granddaughter, Gabby and their good friends Chuck & Kory who hosted us one night for dinner & drinks.

Craig & Kim Gambino (New Orleans, LA) – We know Craig through good friends, Charles & Becky Shull.  These guys were the ultimate hosts during a busy holiday season.  Craig was our personal tour guide/chauffeur for 4 days and our time here wouldn’t have been the same without him.  They had us over for a delicious dinner and took us to many of their favorite spots.  Kim also lined up a hair appt for me!

Pat & Allison Bunker (Palm City Beach, FL) – Pat is a high school friend of Mike’s.  We were fortunate to spend Christmas Eve and Day with these guys and many of their friends and participate in their holiday traditions.  Pat also hooked us up with a free place to stay, treated Mike to golf and tour guided us around the area!

Bill, Emily & Maggie Lee (Palm Harbor, FL) – Bill was a neighbor of Mike’s family growing up.  They treated us to breakfast, then welcomed us to their home for the night and two delicious gourmet meals!  Really great to spend time with them!

We also wanted to give a shout out to friends who have come to meet up with us along the way.

  • Nicole Barclay & Matt Flynn – Wild & crazy times in Reno, NV
  • Eric, Michelle & David Overholt – How cool to experience Yellowstone together and camp in the same park!
  • Marc & Shelly Pflugrath and Marc & Krista Lindley – Our rendezvous in Vegas was one for the books!
  • Jacquie Guedel – What a fun and relaxing cruise with my mom to the Caribbean!
  • Sunny Cameron & Shelly Pflugrath – I LOVED our girls weekend in Dallas.  Yee-Haw!

It has meant so much to have familiar faces along the way.  Not to mention a real bathroom/shower to use from time to time!  We hope when we eventually get settled somewhere that we can return the favor to anyone traveling because we know how much it is appreciated!

5 thoughts on “A Heartfelt Thank You!

  1. Sunny

    What a nice post Millers! We miss you and love you so and continue to be happy for your great adventure!

  2. Bob Carter

    You were sitting by the firepit thinking about the last 9 months. It has been quite a ride. Jan and I were putting together plans for the rest of our year last night over a glass or 2 of wine. We are going on or annual Maui trip the week before Thanksgiving week and wondered if the 2 of you would like to go with us? I have no idea where you plan to be about then, but if you can fit it into your schedule we would love to have you stay the week in our 2 bedroom condo on the beach at Kehei.

    Let us know as we will look to fill the 2nd bedroom if you can’t make it.

    Love you both,

    Bob & Jan.

    I also loved the Bob’s Your Uncle sign Michael texted me.


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