The Heat is on in Boise – 7/21/13 to 7/23/13

Kayaking the Boise River

Kayaking the Boise River

The drive from Pocatello was a long one, but uneventful – no big mountain passes and nice wide highways!  Arrived in Boise and the Hi Valley RV Park and into some heat – triple digits all 3 days.  But as everyone tells us, “it’s a dry heat.”  Whatever – still feels too hot to me. Thank goodness for a/c.  We met a longtime friend of Mike’s mom, Max Clark and his wife Linda, for dinner at a local Mexican joint.   Yummy food, marg’s and great conversation!

The next morning, Mike & I headed down to the Boise River with our cooler packed.  We rented a kayak and floated the river.  It was another cooker, so being on the river was the perfect activity.  That night, we went over to Max & Linda’s condo for dinner.  They live right in downtown Boise on the top floor of their building.  Amazing views including one of Boise State football stadium!   Mike’s cousin Melissa came as well – she works for KPMG in Seattle, but happened to be in Boise on assignment through the end of the month.  Max & Linda wined & dined us and we chatted for hours.  What a treat for us to have dinner at their home — I know Melissa appreciated a home cooked meal as well!  Somehow, we forgot to take a group photo and their amazing place – darn, it would have been a good one.

Today, we had a lazy morning.  I got caught up on the Bachelorette (I know, pathetic) and we got some chores done around the MoHo.  We had lunch at a ‘Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives’ favorite, Westside Drive-In, and it was quite tasty —  especially after all of the vino we drank last night!  We drove over to Boise State to see the blue turf up close and check out the college campus.  Then, we did some wine tasting and hit Payette Brewery for Mike’s IPA fix.  We did a Costco run and then back to MoHo to enjoy our final evening in Boise.  It has cooled down to 90 so we can actually sit outside and enjoy the night.  Still a bit toasty, but I think we may be getting used to it.  Mike’s friend Eric and his family, who we met up with in Yellowstone, have just arrived in Boise and are staying at the same place we are.  We will hang out with them tonight and then get on the road early tomorrow.

Westside Drive In  - appeared in Diners, Drive-In's and Dives

Westside Drive In – appeared in Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives


Boise State Blue!

Boise State Blue!

We have been on our adventure for over 2 months now.  All is well and we are definitely getting in our groove.  I am very excited for our upcoming week in Yakima and am so looking forward to catching up with friends.   Next stop…Camp Cameron!

2 thoughts on “The Heat is on in Boise – 7/21/13 to 7/23/13

    1. Scott Mckeag

      Dare I say Mike is turning in to a beer geek? The IPA has lured many. Can’t wait to see you guys come Sept (or sooner).


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