Bryce National Park – 6/12/13 to 6/14/13

Note:  We have had VERY spotty wi-fi, so can’t upload images.  Go to the bottom of the post for links to photos if you are interested.  Thx!

We left Zion and headed to Bryce thinking we can’t top what we have already seen in Utah. Well, Bryce may not have topped it, but is sure was damn close! We arrived at the KOA in Cannonville, nice park, got set up early and decided to go back and check into a tourist info place at the start of the canyon area, Red Canyon. On our way, we stopped at a turn off and decided to take a quick check into the Mossy Cave trail. Great choice, as we found a nice little creek and waterfall that was part of an irrigation canal that was put in by Mormon settlers some 125 years ago and still is working, amazing. We saw some of the most incredible Hoodoo’s in the area, but needed to get moving to our goal, Red Canyon. We got to the Red Canyon area and took a short hike and saw some amazing topography. The pictures will never do this area justice; you just have to see it for yourself. The next day we headed to Bryce Canyon, the main destination of this stop on our trip. We decided to take a hike that was rated moderate to difficult. Thank goodness we got out early, the heat was on and we were feeling it. We hiked down some 500-600 feet to the canyon floor, and then met up with some other easier trails and headed back to the rim. The hike was Bryce Point to Sunset Point, and an ass kicker to say the least. On the way out we stopped for a moment and spoke to an older local guy who said we probably picked the best hike in the park! We got lucky and we will never forget how amazing this area was. Hopefully the pictures can portray the amazing scenery that we saw. The next day we decided to take more of a drive (off road) and less hike into Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. We did a little slot canyon trail that was scenic but not really what we were hoping for. We stopped at Grosvenor Arch, and this place was really cool, but it was hot and we were tired from yesterday. We took a few quick pic’s, and then onto the local state park around the corner, Kodachrome Basin State Park. (Named for the film that Kodak came out with in the late 1940’s.) We took a short 1.5 mile hike here, and it did not disappoint! This park is a great little gem in the Cannonville area that should not be missed. Many little outcroppings that will make your heart beat, but well worth taking a quick visit. We are headed to Torrey and the Capital Reef NP next!

Day 1 pics HERE (Mossy Cave Hike and Red Canyon)

Day 2 pics HERE (Bryce Canyon National Park)

Day 3 pics HERE (Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument & Kodachrome State Park)

6 thoughts on “Bryce National Park – 6/12/13 to 6/14/13

  1. Evan

    OMG!!!! What an incredible set of photos!!! Thanks for giving us all the opportunity to share in your adventure with great pics, they say everything about going for ourselves!


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