Practice Run to Anacortes

Fully hooked up!

Fully hooked up!

Mike here. We did our first weekend trip to test everything. We towed the MDX (RV lingo is “toad”) up to Anacortes and back with no issues! I can feel the extra weight, but the MoHo still has plenty of power to get up the big hills without causing a huge backup behind us. All went well, and I am happy to report that I think we are ready to hit the road!
Now that we are both done with our jobs, Traci’s last day was Thursday, we can finally sit down together and go over some of the little details. I am excited to bring her up to speed on a lot of the stuff I have learned, she has been super focused on finishing work, and leaving things organized for her replacement. This week we will be busy packing up and getting the last items loaded onto the MoHo for the first 3 ½ month trip!

View of Mt. Baker and Padilla Bay from our campsite

View of Mt. Baker and Padilla Bay from our campsiteWatching the Kentucky DerbyWatching the Kentucky DerbyFirst dinner in the MoHoFirst dinner in the MoHo

3 thoughts on “Practice Run to Anacortes

  1. Bob Woolsey

    Way too go you guys. What a great blog. Never followed one before but will do on this one. You guys are set to go. One thing, don’t have to pack much in the way of clothing. Remember their are great laundromats along the way. Most campgrounds are very clean and efficient. We will be in Alberta sometime in late mis to Late August so we will keep in touch. Good for you guys. Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bob and Gloria


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