7 thoughts on “Meet the MoHo!

  1. Dianne Forth

    Wow, had not heard of your new adventure!!! What a great time you will have, I really look forward to the blog. We have a VCube which works with direct tv if you aren’t going to actually mount a satellite dish. I wish we knew this, also have the complete tow package! Much love to you wanderers – Rich and Dianne

    1. Traci Post author

      Thanks Dianne, we are very excited! The RV came with the tow package and satellite dish, so we are all set. We’ll see you Thurs night at Kris’ store opening!?

      1. Dianne Forth

        Unfortunately we won’t be there, had made plans a couple of months ago and will be out of town. Oregon for four days on a wine junket with friends. Have fun, so look forward to hearing all your tales!

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