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Back in the USA – 8/15/13 to 8/22/13

Harrison Sunset

Harrison Sunset

We left Canada and made the trip south. The crossing back into the US wasn’t as smooth as the trip coming into Canada. The ‘all-business’ border agent asked us a slew of questions. I don’t know why, but we both seem to get nervous even though we have nothing to hide. He asked us if we had any citrus fruits and I said a lime. It was all over from there. We had to pull over and the agent came onboard. He confiscated two limes and one tomato. Mike had to open up all of the underside compartments and after a few more questions, he finally let us get on our way. He didn’t seem to care about the wine we were bringing back in; didn’t even make us pay a duty.

We stopped in Sandpoint, ID; just a place to sleep and do some much needed laundry. The next day we headed to Coeur d’Alene to surprise the Cameron’s and Pflugrath’s who were there golfing. Turns out they weren’t all that surprised and figured we would probably show. We stayed at a great RV park right on the river, Blackwell Island, and all went out for a tasty dinner that night.

The boys enjoying Lake Coeur d'Alene

The boys enjoying Lake Coeur d’Alene

The next day it was off to Harrison, ID. I actually rode with Shelly and let Marc ride in the MoHo with Mike. It was a nice break for me – no anxiety along those windy roads! We were there for a celebration for Shelly’s dad, Ron, who lived in Harrison. He passed away this spring and his wife Barb wanted to have a big party in his honor – “Ron Elliott Day in the Park.” They are both well-known in this small town, so the event was very well attended. Harrison is one of those little gems of a town that many people haven’t heard of. Our RV spot was right on the lake and just couldn’t be beat. We ended up extending our stay until Thursday morning even though most everyone else left on Monday. We enjoyed the nightly sunsets and laid back atmosphere. And, what a great party that Barb had in honor of Ron!

Tubin!  It took us more time to get on the tube than we actually spent tubing!  A-G-E

Tubin! It took us more time to get on the tube than we actually spent tubing! A-G-E

We ran into Alan from the Hangover : )

We ran into Alan from the Hangover : )

Our Campsite on the lake

Our Campsite on the lake with the Pflu’s and Cameron’s

Not a  bad place to spend a week!

Not a bad place to spend a week!

Our plan for the next few weeks includes a weekend at Camp Cameron in Yakima for a golf tourney and relaxation with friends. Then it is back to Seattle/Bellevue to regroup a bit after being out on the road for 3 ½ months. MoHo and car maintenance, restocking supplies, dentist appt’s, hair appt, time with friends and family and Mike’s much anticipated Husky Stadium home opener against Boise State (Go Cougs vs. Auburn!). We’ll be tailgating on the 31st and anyone interested is welcome to join us. We probably won’t blog until we are back out on the road Sept 9th.