Love me some Bend – 5/26/13

IMG_0020We’ve been hanging out in Bend, Oregon since Wed and staying at a very nice place, Crown Villa RV Park.  It has been great to spread out, dry out and get organized a bit.  This is a very cool town and one that we could stay in for a long time.  I can see my brother loving this place.  Lots of fun, active, social people and dogs are allowed everywhere!

Yesterday, we explored the Old Mill District.  Went to the Public Market and completed our Bend Ale Trail tour that we started on Thursday – hit 9 of 10 breweries. Met some great people along the way and of course sampled many local brews.  Our favorites were 10 Barrel and Bend Brewing Company.  When we come back here with a group, we HAVE to do it by bicycle.  Check this thing out…your group pedals and you can drink beer along the way.

Bend Ale Trail by Party Bike

Bend Ale Trail by Party Bike

Traci on party bike

Traci on party bike

We were supposed to golf today, but the rain is back, so we decided to cancel.  Should have known because we washed the car yesterday.  Mike is flushing the water tanks as we speak and I will head over to the clubhouse to do some laundry.  Maybe we’ll hit the food truck scene and Hangover 3 tonight.

Heading to Crater Lake tomorrow.

5 random observations from me:
1. My house is on wheels, so things are going to go wrong.  I’m trying to go with the flow.
2. DirecTV absolutely sucks!
3. Mike & I are both indecisive people.
4. I am feeling unbelievably relaxed.
5. Mike is the most patient person in the world.

7 thoughts on “Love me some Bend – 5/26/13

  1. David Smith

    And the place to be is where your at! Be safe!

    David Smith CRS., SRES. Senior Broker, CB Danforth Sent from my iPhone

    1. Bob Woolsey

      Wow, Gloria and I were just reading this. Sounds like a great place. Gotta get on that bicycle man, what a great idea. Can you say “franchise”. You are right about Mike being patient. Traci , I think you have adapted very well , forget about t.v., we never watched it. We read and watched movies, other than that we were gone all the time. Did you figure out what was wrong with your jacks? Hope we can meet you in Calgary!

      1. Bob Woolsey

        Guys when you get to Vegas look up this resort. It is fabulous. It is called “The Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort”. We were there once, it was great. It is only for Motorhomes. Put this one in your back pocket!

  2. Peg Stock Penney

    Traci & Mike, I hope I’m filling in the correct space. This is the first time in my computer life that I have ever “blogged” (I guess I am a bloggee and you are the blogger. Anyway, I think this is a grande idea and a grande adventure! I now have family living in Bend, my step-daughter, Krista (Penney) Brines, her husband, Tim, and their 3 boys: Will & Beau, 11, and Cal, 6. Bend is now one of my favorite cities. There are numerous seasonal sports activities, individual & team, and the city itself is appealing in activities, arts, shopping, recreation, and more. There is something for every age group. I can’t imagine how many towns and cities you will go through on this epic trip. It will be fun to follow and to experience vicariously through your reports. Take lots of back roads if you are hoping to see quirky and unusual.

  3. Sarah Durant

    Hi Traci,

    I love, love, love reading your blog! I just e-mailed my hubby that we need to go to Bend. I’m really happy for you both and look forward to more reading!

    Be safe and enjoy!



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